It’s been a busy year for the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, thanks to new members, new events and new legislative successes. They’re about to add “new logo” to that lineup with the launch of their new brand identity campaign, which will debut in the next edition of Choose AZ Brews magazine, set to hit newsstands Thursday.

The new logo will serve as the centerpiece for the Guild in festivals, merchandise, promotions, online and in publications, and will also be used by the Guild’s more than 70 state breweries as a symbol of their membership in the organization dedicated to advancing Arizona’s explosive craft brewing industry.

Inspired by a classic fermenter shape, a critical component in the craft brewing process, the logo boasts nods to the Arizona flag, the desert landscape and the state’s growing reputation as a “Rising Craft Beer Star of the West.”

“As a Guild, we wanted to showcase something that we can be proud of, and something that speaks to our heritage,” said Guild Executive Director Rob Fullmer. “We wanted a vintage look with a modern twist, and something that demonstrated how far we’ve come as an organization while still showcasing classically ‘Southwestern’ colors and ideals.”

The new, cohesive campaign is intended to improve brand identity and awareness of the Guild across Arizona and beyond, and will help its members that span past the brewing community to businesses like banks, insurance companies, towns and retailers align themselves with each other.

“We’re growing by leaps and bounds, and we wanted a new logo to reflect the industry’s unique history and the brewing culture in our state,” Fullmer said. “With so much ahead in the coming year, from festivals to grand openings to a few things we can’t talk about just yet, we felt this was definitely the right time to establish a solid brand identity we can utilize for years to come.”

Arizona craft beer fans can get their first taste of the Guild’s new look when Choose AZ Brews hits newsstands Thursday. The quarterly Guild publication features member snapshots, unique stories and an abundance of additional information on upcoming events, area maps and other items of interest to Arizona’s burgeoning craft brewing community. For more, visit


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