An Alien’s Guide To Pairing Best Beer With Lobster

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There’s been some time since we landed our spaceship on this amazing planet Earth. You guys have it all: mountains, seas, plains, lakes, beaches, beautiful cities, and most importantly, beer and lobster! 

This delicious pairing is a sublime culinary experience, and we congratulate you, earthlings, for such an achievement. There is nothing similar back on our planet (there are other great things, however, like no wars!). Even though we did travel all around your little world and tried out all sorts of dishes from various cuisines, somehow beer and lobster stook with us! 

So, put ourselves on a critical and delicious mission to determine which beer goes best when paired with a beautifully cooked lobster.


Of course, there is no better place to undertake such a challenge than Maine, the Mecca of lobster, where this delicious dish is cooked and served in so many different, fantastic ways! We learned that this brilliant red crustacean was previously known as “poverty chicken” and was even used as fertilizer. Lobsters were so numerous in the early 1800s that they would wash ashore in 2-foot-high mounds. Lobsters were employed to feed enslaved people due to their abundance, as the meat was inexpensive and quick to cook. But what makes Maine lobster so delightful?

Lobster flesh is now regarded as a delicacy and a high-end culinary ingredient. Lobsters are divided into two types: clawed and spiny. After a thorough inspection and alien bellies full of lobster and beer, here are the alien-recommended beers to pair with lobster:

  • Sebago Brewing Company’s Frye’s Leap IPA 

India Pale Ale, or IPA, is a beer that pairs perfectly with lobster, especially if the flesh is dipped in melted butter. The sharpness of the hops pairs beautifully with a buttery lobster dish. Make lobster tacos with a dash of cayenne pepper or smoked paprika if you want to heat things a little. To enjoy the sweetish and spicy flavor, you don’t have to go crazy with the heat. Look no further than Sebago Brewing Company’s Frye’s Leap IPA for one of Maine’s most incredible IPAs.

According to beer advocates, Maine Beer Company in Freeport produces one of the best-tasting and highest-rated American pale ales. The malt sweetness in this American Pale Ale is mild, but it balances off with a dry aftertaste. It goes not well but is fantastic with grilled lobster tails because of its golden, somewhat hazy hue, fluffy white head, and floral scent.

  • Allagash Brewing Company: White 

White is a wheat beer by the Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, the birthplace of the lobster roll. The beer pairs well with freshly caught lobster, which is unsurprising. Wheat beers are also an excellent match for a buttery lobster meal. Wheat beer’s distinct tastes and fragrances give the palate a zesty and lemony kick, balanced off by morsels of boiled or steamed lobster covered in butter. Wheat beers are also a great pairing with buttery lobster rolls.

Allagash White

Because wheat beers already have a strong citrus flavor, try a sip before deciding whether or not to squeeze lemon juice over your lobster. For some, the mix of the two might be overwhelming.

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Company Pivo Pilsner

Pivo, a hoppy pilsner from Firestone Walker Brewing Company, has a crisp, unmistakable taste with herbal and floral undertones that go well with lobster. It’s a dry-hopped pilsner with a bready malt aroma and a light golden hue that finishes dry. Lobsters are cooked with herbs like dill, parsley, and lemongrass.

Pivo is an easy-to-drink beer that tastes like some of the greatest European pilsners. This cosmopolitan beer, named after the Czech term for beer and inspired by the dry-hopped Tipopils from Birrificio Italiano, readily wins a place on the table.

  • Wolaver’s Oatmeal Stout 

Even though it is an unpopular opinion, stout—especially the milder, non-imperial variety—works nicely with lobster flesh since it complements both rich foods and shellfish. People mainly live with chillier weather in Canada than most, so stouts are a bedrock of Canadian beer-drinking culture. When you add that Canadians LOVE lobster, we had to include this great beer in this list.

Lobster 2

Wolaver’s oatmeal stout is full-bodied, but it’s also exceedingly smooth and even sweet, with overtones of dark chocolate and delicate coffee bitterness. It also has a hoppy taste, some spiciness, and a lot of wonderful roasted character from the malt. Although it may appear to be a strange match at first, Wolaver’s stout is worth trying when you’re savoring all those lobster tastes.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of our trip here on Earth, and we’ve been having a fantastic time. Even though you humans certainly know better about your food, we feel confident that we’ve made some great pairings during our critical mission! 

Whether you want your lobster steamed, boiled, in a roll, or whole, it’s a delectable dish that calls for a fantastic craft beer accompaniment. Our selection is not the best, but maybe you’ll find a drink that appeals to you in this post. Summer is ideal for a good drink and a delicious dinner. Make the most of it by sampling some of the finest beers for lobster pairing.

Kavin Fagan