American Homebrewers Association Rally at Mission Brewery

American Homebrewers Association Rally at Mission Brewery

American Homebrewers Association Rally at Mission Brewery


On Jan 25th, the Beer Aliens attended the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Rally at Mission Brewery in San Diego, CA. We were invited in early and watched the humans scurrying around getting everything ready. They were cleaning things and setting up tables. They were hanging banners and laying out a ton of little taster glasses. We saw our human friends Rudy and Amy from Craft Beerd at their table so we hung out with them for a while discussing art, beer and Earth in general.


Mission Brewery then handed us a little ziploc bag with Mission Brewery stickers and 3 bottle caps in it. We were initially puzzled by the bottle caps until we learned they could be exchanged for beers! This made our alien hearts very happy.


Once it was time to let in the AHA members (almost 300 of them), Mission Brewery filled up and there was a lengthy, but happy, line of humans waiting to get beers. Everyone was invited to participate in a perpetually hopped beer which was a strange process for us aliens to witness. Each human was told to fill one of the many taster glasses with 4 ounces of hops and then pour them into the mixture as a Mission Brewery brewer mixed and stirred. This strange process effectively meant that the beer they were making was actually made by everyone in attendance… even us aliens.

There was a special cask available at the bar just for the rally. The special brew was Zythos Rye IPA with mango. Luckily, we were able to use our alien mind powers to avoid the line and ensure we got some of the cask brew.


We then spoke with AHA director Gary Glass for while as a follow up to our recent interview with him. Then it was time to wander around and talk to the various AHA humans. We discussed what they were homebrewing, the beer industry and even had one conversation about pro audio.

There were many people who had never been to Mission Brewery so they were excited to try everything on tap. Other humans were content with a pint while they socialized. Then someone announced it was time for the raffle. Raffle was a new human word for us and we were amazed as everyone dug into their pockets and pulled out little blue paper tickets. AHA director Gary Glass started calling out numbers and when those numbers matched the ones printed on the paper tickets, the excited humans would shout with joy and race up to where Gary was standing. Stranger still, Gary then took the paper tickets and exchanged them for t-shirts, books, glassware, hats and other prizes. Humans are so strange.


All in all, we had a great time meeting all the homebrewers and discussing our favorite invention of Earth…beer. The Beer Aliens would like to thank Mission Brewery and their staff for putting on a well organized event and for taking such good care of us. We also want to thank Gary Glass, the staff of AHA and all the AHA members who attended.


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