The San Diego Brewers Guild launches a week-long (actually longer) event every year to celebrate craft beer and they kick off SD Beer Week with an event called the San Diego Brewers Guild VIP Brewers Take Over. This is a preview event for the San Diego Brewers Guild Beer Festival.

Of course anyone living in San Diego knows that pretty much every week is “beer week” as there are always amazing events going on all over the county. The Beer Aliens are very aware of this fact for sure 😉

However, the San Diego Brewers Guild does a lot to help promote San Diego’s craft beer scene and the VIP Brewers Take Over is one of the better San Diego Beer Week events. A lot of the people in the crowd are in fact brewers, brewery employees or somehow involved in the craft beer industry. This makes mingling with the crowd that much better.

The VIP Brewers Take Over ticket came with a souvenir tasting glass, unlimited tastings of craft beer and unlimited samples of human food. Almost every brewery represented brought a special beer and some brought one offs only available for this event.

In a rare convergence that threatened to destabilize the time-space continuum, there were three Beer Aliens at the same event at the same time. We all had an amazing time trying the beers, catching up with people, meeting new friends and pondering at the many choices of human food. From the humans we spoke to, the food was incredible and covered all the bases of styles. Most confusing to us Beer Aliens was the bowl of plants being offered by Pizza Port. Apparently it was not a strange pizza, but a salad made with something called kale.

Our human friend Larry who sometimes spies , er reports, for the Beer Aliens, was there as were many other humans that we knew.Our good friend Tim Stahl provided some pictures below to show you some visual evidence to how cool this event was.

All beer festivals have beer. Most have human food. Only the San Diego Brewers Guild VIP Brewers Takeover has a special magic that makes it a beer festival that cannot be missed. We are already counting down the days to next years’.


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