AleSmith is proud to celebrate its 20th year with an exceptional list of unique and award-winning beers to be released as part of our 2015 Specialty Release Series. The lineup will kick off with our much anticipated collaboration with Mikkeller.

Special thanks to Mostra Coffee for sourcing premium, fair-trade 100% wild Kopi Luwak coffee for this collaborative brew. Mostra developed a medium roast coffee to bring out flavor notes of chocolate, earth, and grapefruit peel, accompanied by the aroma of wet wood and unroasted hazelnuts.



This beer is the culmination of the efforts of two world-class brewers to create the most vitalizing coffee stout in the world. AleSmith and good friend Mikkeller join forces, blending the legendary Speedway Stout and Beer Geek Brunch Weasel together into one massive Imperial Oatmeal Stout with enough coffee and oats to substitute for your weekend brunch.

A beer of this magnitude requires a robust coffee with enough backbone to compliment the roasty and dark malt flavors; Kopi Luwak Coffee is the perfect choice. These coveted coffee beans are selected for their ripeness and quality by the Indonesian Palm Civet, a jungle marsupial that devours the fruit of the coffee cherry. The beans are then gathered from jungle floors, washed, sun-dried, and roasted. This smooth and aromatic stout is seriously good to the last dropping.

* * *

Starting Monday, January 19th at 11:00am, you will be able to purchase up to four (4) bottles of the AleSmith/Mikkeller Collaboration: Beer Geek Speedway Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Kopi Luwak Coffee via Brown Paper Tickets for $25.00 each (before tax and Brown Paper Tickets service fee). See below the terms and conditions for the Release Party details.

Please note; once you place your order, your name will be registered and any duplicate sales to the same buyer name will be voided.

At the end of your transaction, you will be asked to enter the name of the person who will be picking up the bottles (“pickup person”). If you are picking up your own bottles, please enter your name; if you are not able to pick up your own bottles, please enter your proxy’s name. **Please ensure you/your proxy can make it to the brewery by March 8th to pick up your bottles before entering your pickup person’s name. Whoever’s name is entered as the pickup person must be the one to pick up the bottles. NO EXCEPTIONS! **

Bottles can be picked up starting Saturday, January 24th at our release party in the AleSmith Tasting Room beginning at 11am.  Bottles can be retrieved during tasting room hours from Saturday, January 24th through Sunday, March 8th 2015. (Tasting Room Hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-9pm, Sat: 11am-9pm & Sun: 11am-7pm.)  **Any bottles not retrieved by SUNDAY, MARCH 8th will be surrendered back to the brewery (no exceptions).**


In order to retrieve your bottles, you will need to show proof of purchase (in the form of confirmation email from Brown Paper Tickets) and valid ID matching the pickup person’s name. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  This means we will not release the bottles to you without a confirmation and valid ID matching the name of the person the buyer designated as the pickup person! 

Please do not purchase bottles until you’ve read the terms and conditions, and can ensure you will be able to pick up your bottles by SUNDAY, MARCH 8th, 2015!
Release Party

Saturday, January 24th 11am-9pm

Join Alesmith in the tasting room for the release of this highly anticipated beer. They will be open from 11:00am to 9:00pm. This event is open to the public – You do not have to purchase bottles to attend the event. However, if you did previously purchase bottles, this will be the first day you can pick up your bottles (please note, Alesmith will not have any bottles of this specialty release available for sale in the tasting room).

Our tap list will include:

-Beer Geek Speedway (of course..)

-Vietnamese Speedway Stout

-Jamaica Blue Mountain Speedway Stout

-Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout

-Double Hammerhead Speedway

…more to come!

Mastiff Sausage Company & Gwynn Gourmet Food Truck will be parked out back serving up their local cuisine starting at 11:00am!

Mostra Coffee will also be set up out back serving their delicious coffee drinks.

A limited run of Beer Geek Speedway tees will also be available in both Men’s crew-neck & Women’s v-neck!

Alesmith hopes to see you at the brewery on Saturday, January 24th to celebrate this first time release with them!

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