I have learned that humans change the flavor of their beers when the temperature drops.  This brings me to my favorite brewery, AleSmith and their winter version of YuleSmith.  There are two versions of YuleSmith, a summer and winter version.  The summer version is an imperial IPA while the winter version is a hoppy American amber ale.  Now that it’s mid-November, you can find the winter version on shelves and in your local beer bars.

YuleSmith poured a dark amber color with a puffy, off-white head that never went away.  Significant lacing was left on the glass that left me very impressed with the appearance.  The aroma has some malt sweetness, hop spice and slight dark fruit that became more apparent as the beer warmed.  On my first sip, it was very hop forward with pine, cinnamon, grapefruit, caramelized sugar and pepper notes followed by caramel malt sweetness, ending in a hop bitterness.  The finish was very clean and left you wanting more.  The mothfeel was smooth, not too sticky, had little alcohol heat and great carbonation.

AleSmith has never disappointed and this is no exception.  I have tried the summer version and absolutely love it.  Though I am not a huge fan of red ales, this one is really hopped up and is not too different from Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale.  Though this style is typically served in a pint glass, I suggest you pour it into a tulip or snifter so you can enjoy the hop notes of this red ale.  The complexity of this beer makes it so that as the beer warms up, the flavors and aromas drastically change, for the better.  Pick up a bottle of YuleSmith at your local shop, pour into a glass and enjoy the cooler weather with your family and friends this Thanksgiving.


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