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Volume | 12 FL OZ

Alcohol Content | 5.75% by volume

Acquired this bottle of Lil’ Devil Belgian-Style Pale Ale at Alesmith Brewing Company’s recent preview of their new tasting room in San Diego. We had the opportunity to try some of Alesmith’s finest specialty brews and sampled some very unique barrel-aged beers. They sent us home with a goodie bag which included a few of their beers, this was one of them! It may partially bias due to the fact we tasted so much good beer that night, but upon cracking open this bottle the next evening, it didn’t seem to impress me as much as some of their others we tasted the night before. Check out some of our favorites from that night here!


Appearance: Deep yellow-gold in color. This beer is unfiltered and so was very hazy when poured and stayed fairly cloudy in the few minutes it sat. Poured from a 12 oz. bottle, this beer had a half-inch cream-colored head with some larger bubbles sticking to the side of the glass.

Smell: A strong malt aroma is present with hints of biscuit, honey, and wheat. There is also a noticeable presence of citrus, mainly orange, and coriander. It has a somewhat sweet, fruity smell that is similar to other Belgian wheat beers.

Taste: Smooth and malty with a hint of orange and coriander balanced out well with a strong malty backbone. Low hop character and almost undistinguishable alcohol. The strong flavors do not linger on the tongue and instead require another sip. Very flavorful upfront but dies fairly quickly. Well balanced and tastes similar to a Blue Moon Belgian wheat beer but with a bit more kick and body.

Mouthfeel: Light body and smooth palate. Medium to high carbonation. Alcohol level is restrained and hardly noticeable.


Overall: Though this beer is refreshing and would be a decent beer to grab on a hot day, I found it to be a bit too light and familiar tasting, similar to a Blue Moon but with a bit more kick and fuller body. It is a well balanced and tasty Belgian wheat, this is true. However, for being an unfiltered beer I was expecting more depth and complexity. The flavor fell a little flat and did not linger on the tongue. If you’re looking for something distinctive and unique, you may be disappointed. All in all, it’s a good beer, just not one of Alesmith’s great ones, of which there are many. It is light, drinkable, and would pair well with spicy Asian foods or creamy cheeses like goat or brie. Grab a bottle or check out Alesmith’s new tasting room in San Diego to see what brews are your favorite!


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