AleSmith Brewing Company 
AleSmith X 
American Pale Ale
5% ABV

I poured these beer into an AleSmith Fluted Chalice and was served from a 22oz bottle, the beer itself poured a pale orange with a quickly receding white head. 

This tasty little beverage that pours a bright, golden amber color. The beer pours on the hazy side with a creamy, tan head with excellent retention and thick, billowy lacing. There is a bread like malt, orange zest, and herbal notes that make up a slighty floral but citronella aroma on the backend.  The flavor is extremely well balanced with citrus, pine, herbs, and malt. Very smooth and crisp and refreshing to boot with a balanced hop profile that kicks in in the beginning and just gets smoother as the beer warms up. The body has a thicker weight to it, mostly smooth in feel with just a hint of carbonation. 

I highly recommend this beer! Its a tasty well rounded addition to the AleSmith Lineup and I will have to revisit this beer more often. Definitely a e asy drinking beer with a balanced hop flavor without being overly bitter. The only thing I would is change is letting the beer get warmer next time, it needs to be consumed closer to 50 degrees to get all the flavor profiles to really jump out. When the beer is on  the colder side of the temperature scale the malt is hardly present and is very dry. Once the beer has warmed up the malt becomes more prevalent and the beer definitely wakes the palate up a bit more. 

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