AleSmith ESB
AleSmith Brewing Company
 5.5% ABV

Beer was poured from a 22oz into a AleSmith Fluted Chalice, poured a amber/red color with a somewhat frothy off-white lacing. The aroma was unexpected with caramel bread (malty and yeasty) while being slightly overwhelmed by a hoppy funk. There was some citrus and malt in the nose leading to a middle bitter and dry finish.
The malts are a strong bready and a really nice caramel note that mix well with the lightly bitter hop notes. The warmer temp allows the mild English hops to interact with the English malts.  
The hop notes are a bit grassy but still very good.
This is a very easy drinking, smooth bodied beer that has a fuller feel thanks to a breadlike punch (not biscuit) and this balances with earthy, spicy hops and a caramel/toffee malt sweetness that gives off a little sweet kick on finish. This easy going beer there has a lot of little things going on behind the scenes that make this really quite enjoyable.
I think we need more styles of ESB’s in the San Diego Market as this beer is greatly under appreciated and under made in the upcoming San Diego Market. 


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