While vacationing in the Milky Way galaxy, the Beer Aliens crash landed on Earth near San Diego, CA. After a somewhat perplexing intelligence gathering mission concerning Earth’s inhabitants, the Beer Aliens were relieved to discover their new-found home planet was full of places that make the only sustenance they required – BEER.

Now the Beer Aliens are on a new mission…To Taste Earth’s Beer…One Brewery At A Time.


The Beer Aliens share what they discover by operating BeerAlien.com, which features, beer news, events, reviews and more. To fund their beer drinking budget, the Beer Aliens provide Public Relations and Promotional services to craft breweries, bars and craft beer friendly restaurants. These services include event promotion, event coverage, press releases, website design and management, social media management and more.

So if you are fan of craft beer or have no idea what craft beer is, come join the Beer Aliens at BeerAlien.com and let’s learn together. Remember, we are still trying to figure out your human customs, never mind all the crazy craft beer terminology. At the end of the day, we simply share our thoughts: “Is this beer flawless, favorable, or fiendish?

“Our Mission -To Taste Earth’s Beer…One Brewery At A Time.


Raymond Melendez

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Terry Bunch

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Reale

Social Media Manager

Gaaron Varner

Media / Event Manager