After years of anticipation, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally around the corner. There is no escaping the hype. Star Wars commercials, merchandise, trailers, and features are flooding every part of our daily pop culture. It’s time to just embrace it humans.  We recommend watching the entire series in one giant marathon or counting down the days till the new movie is released in beers. It will sure keep your mind off your crazy theories regarding Kylo Ren and Darth Vader, as well as any thoughts about Jar Jar Binks making a regrettable appearance.

Watching all 6 episodes back-to-back will take around 13 hours . What a great excuse to down some good brews during the duration of the marathon of all marathons. And hey, why not get a little festive with Star Wars/Sci-Fi themed beer? Not to worry this is where we come in. In a land not so far away…here are some beers you should consider when organizing your Star Wars Marathon or counting down the days till The Force Awakens. 7 beers. 7 days till The 7th Star Wars finally makes its debut. 


1. Darkside Stout by Silver Moon Brewing

American Stout- 6.8% ABV, 0 IBUs















2. Imperial Stout Trooper by New England Brewing Co.

Imperial Stout- 8.5% ABV, 0 IBUs












3. Death Star Stout by Revelation Cat Craft Brewing

Imperial Stout- 13% ABV, 0 IBUs















4. Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA by Firestone Brewing

Black Rye IPA- 8.3% ABV,  80 IBUs









5. This Cake is a Lie Cream Ale by Intergalactic Brewing

Creme Ale- 7 % ABV,  45 IBUs


(via Steve,













6.  Intergalactic Warrior IPA by Toppling Goliath Brewing

India Pale Ale- 5.8% ABV, 70 IBUs


(via @jghopslam, Instagram)












7. Space Dust IPA by Elysian Brewing    


India Pale Ale-  8.2% ABV, 73 IBU








Lastly humans beware of any odd neighbors that wear large robes and state, “these are not the beers you are looking for.” This alien lost a growler fill and his Star Wars VHS collection like that…

Fun, you will have. Ignore Jar Jar, you will. And hide your excitement, you will not. December 18th, 2015 will be a great day for many Star Wars fans (and aliens) from all over the world (and galaxies).

Cheers humans and we hope you enjoy these beers!

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