6 Myths About Rum You Must Know About


Many kinds of liquors like red wine, barley wine, gin and others are introduced up till now. All the liquors became viral once they entered the market and attracted a lot of customers towards them. Among all those liquors rum is also of a kind that is loved by many. Rum is a kind of liquor that is made through molasses of sugarcane. This drink is known because of its purity and it is said to be a clear liquid. There are a lot of facts that you can find on the internet easily about it. Other than facts many myths are very popular about rum and people do believe in those myths. But in the end, they are myths. We are here to tell you about the topmost myths about rum that are a must-know thing for you. Read about them below.


  • Full Of Sugar:

This one is the most famous myth about rum that people think is real. Many people who are checking their sugar intake levels make sure to avoid taking rum just because of this myth. Now they don’t need to do that as this is a myth. Rum is made through a distillation process and when any liquor goes through this process all the sugary content is removed from it. Some rums are high in sugar content so just try reading the labels written on the bottle.


  • Only Made In The Caribbean:

People believe in this thing that rum is only made in the Caribbean. They think like this because the Caribbean is famous for producing quite famous and tasty rum for a long time. But you need to taste the rum from all over the world. Rum can be made in any part of the world. All you need to have is sugar and you need to know the process. Your belief in this myth would change once you taste the rum that in the other parts of the world has to offer.


  • Spiced Rum Is Cheap:

We believe in a phenomenon that if a thing has a bad quality so it will be offered at a cheap price every time we will buy it. Yes, I do agree that any quality defect can decrease the price of the product but it is not the case every time. In the past, spiced rum was reported to have very bad quality and taste and from that time people started thinking that it is cheap. Now the quality and taste of spiced rum are improved and are offered to the people at a reasonable price.


  • All Rum Is The Same:

This is a phrase that is heard very often and when people search for the best rum online they consider every rum to be the best one as they think all are the same. I can say this thing without any single thought that it is a misconception. All rum is the same as is usually said for aged rums. People think that aged rums have the same sweet or spiced taste in it. I guess such misconceptions are formed by one and two people and then are spread among all. True rum lovers can say this thing clearly that aged rums have much more complexity than the other ones because of the number of rums they have tasted their whole lives.


  • Not Distilled:

There is a process that is followed to make alcohol. Let me brief you about that process. For making alcohol fermentation is done of the things that are needed to make it and then for an alcohol spirit you need to distill the fermented alcohol. This is a process that is followed by whiskey, beer, wine, etc. This same process is also followed for making a rum and that tells that rum goes through the distillation process and it is just a myth that it is not distilled.


  • Rum And Rhum Mean The Same:

This is a myth that is not very popular but people do have a strong belief in this one too. People think that rum and rhum is the same. Well, that’s not the case. I will not deny the fact that Rum is made through sugarcane molasses and the same is the case with rhum too. One main difference that differentiates these two drinks is that fresh and pressed sugarcane juice is taken for making a rhum that produces very fresh rum and that is available at a specific island only.

Myth is a false belief of anything and if once people start believing in the myths completely then there is no going back as they won’t even think of changing their belief even if you give them several facts and knowledge. These were the myths that people should know about and you need to stop believing in the ones mentioned above. Rum is a kind of drink that has a delightful taste in it. Enjoy the kind of rum that you want to. But first, just clear these myths from your mind if you have any.