28 Mile Distilling donates hand sanitizer to every Chicago Police Department officer

A new distillery, 28 Mile Distilling Co., is joining in the fight against the Coronavirus. Located in Highwood, Illinois, just 28 Miles from the city of Chicago, 28 Mile Distilling Company is donating 16 oz. bottles of their gel hand sanitizer to every officer in the Chicago Police Department during the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation of almost 12,000 bottles, approximately 1,400 gallons of gel sanitizer, is valued at $90,000. The largest donation The Chicago Police Department has yet received.

“We donated about 100 gallons of hand sanitizer a few weeks ago, but it clearly wasn’t enough,” said Eric Falberg, Co-Founder of 28 Mile Distilling. “So, we increased our production of hand sanitizer by thousands of bottles per day for our men and women on the front lines.”

On Thursday, April 30thbetween 11am and 1pm at The Police Academy (1300 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago IL.), police districts will pick up their donations. This much appreciated donation is made possible by the partnership between 28 Mile Distilling Co. and The Chicago Police Memorial Fund (CMPF), allowing each of Chicago’s 11,000 armed officers to have their own 16 oz. bottle of sanitizer, which could last over a month. 28 Mile Distilling Co.

“A donation of this magnitude will make a substantial impact in our mission to keep every officer safe from Covid-19 in the line of duty,” said Philip J. Cline, Executive Director, CPMF. “This partnership is one of the ways we are able to support our current and fallen officers families.”

The distillery normally produces locally-made Vodka, Gin and Bourbon halted production to produce the 80% alcohol grade hand sanitizer by following the guidelines and formula provided to them by the World Health Organization. The gel is bottled in blue, to represent first responders who are risking their lives fighting the invisible enemy, which was donated by Dana Plastics from Roselle, IL. There is a special label, adorned with the title “Tough Town Sanitizer”.

The exchange of the product to the police officers will be live streamed and available via https://vimeo.com/413161214/fa141005d7 for anyone to watch for free, this service is donated by CPMF Board Member, Owner of Absolute Production Services, Charlie Nicosia.

For more information, visit: https://28milevodka.com/