21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Review

21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Review

21st Amendment Toaster Pastry Review




Volume | 19.2 FL OZ

Alcohol Content | 7.6% by volume

Bitterness Units (IBUs) | 74

Dry Hops | Citra, Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic, Azacca, Calypso

Malts | 2-row base Malt, Baird 70-80 Dark Crystal, Weyermann Munich 2, Weyermann Carafa III, Castle Biscuit

Yeast | American Ale






Appearance: Deep Amber Red in color. Pours with slight head but the head dies off pretty quickly. Some bubbles  around the edge of the glass remain. 

Smell: A huge aromatic beer. It has complex layers that appeal to your nose throughout the enjoyment of the beer.   

Taste: This beer has so many layers of flavor to it! It is definitely a sipping beer and the more you drink it the more the different flavor profiles reveal themselves to your taste-buds. You get a slightly nutty, crust-like-flavor in the beginning and then start to get flavors reminiscent of strawberry jam. It’s got a slight bite to it but ends extremely smooth. The flavors of this beer are guaranteed to remind you of eating Toaster Pastries as a kid and it is amazing!

Mouthfeel:  Smooth with light carbonation.  The 7.6% was hidden well with the flavors of the beer shinning through. It has a slight heaviness to it which is why it is a sipping beer for me.

If you are a fan of Red Ales then you can’t miss out on this one. 21st Amendment is making some amazing craft beers, but this one really had our alien taste-buds tingling!

Official Launch Information:

21st Amendment opened their new 95,000 square foot brewery and World Headquarters in San Leandro a few months ago. This beer was a surprise released on August 29th, 2015 during their grand opening celebrations. 21st Amendment co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun  O’Sullivan were excited to pay homage to Kellogg’s since they took over their old factory space.

We were excited for the first beer out of our new brewery to pay homage to the Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts that were made in the same space decades ago and have been keeping details under wraps for quite some time” stated Freccia. “Toaster Pastry is the first step of much more to come.”

This will be a new year-round edition to their craft beer line-up and is the first introduction to their new 19.2 oz can size.

“We can’t wait to finally share this new beer with consumers. It’s been a top-secret project that we’ve been working on for almost two years, and I think we perfected the flavor profile and packaging in a way that would make Kellogg’s proud” stated O’Sullivan.

We certainly feel that Kellogg’s would agree with O’Sullivan as to this craft beer is the perfect homage to the pastry giant!

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