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2016 Old Guardian Barleywine Dry-hopped w/ Pekko Hops Review
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Old Guardian

Old Guardian Barleywine  Dry-Hopped w/ Pekko Hops

Old Guardian has gone through many variations since its release almost two decades ago, and it hasn’t let down this year. Dry-hopping was used this year which brings a refreshing change that’s reflected in Stone’s revamped lineup including their Pale Ale and Ruination. This technique adds hops to unfermented/unfinished beer (wort) to add flavor and aroma without the bitterness – and it delivers with tropical flavors that the west coast styles have always embraced.  This new addition to the lineup brings something that’s synonymous with Stone and it’s something they’ve always know how to do right – bitterness.

Appearance: Deep amber, dark copper, with tan head

Aroma: Tropical fruit hop forward, lemon citrus, sweet toffee malt followed by some boozy fumes

Flavor: Big lemon, lemon/lime flavor hits you right off the bat. Tropical notes with a zest bite flow into a yummy bready malt caramel flavor. We experience flavors of fruit and brown sugar candy that led into a small wave of boozy alcohol fume finish. Hop bitterness lingers in the background with a semi-sweet/semi-dry finish.

Image Credit: Stone Brewing Co.

Mouthfeel: This is a hefty beer that feels like a meal and nightcap all in one. The medium-heavy body leaves a slickness reminiscent of both wine and whiskey – which is appropriate.This is not your everyday beer – which is why you should get it now. The heavier body mixed with the alcohol warming features of this brew makes it essential to consume in the winter months.  The Pekko hop addition played very well with it’s tropical/pineapple/citrus west coast flavors mixing beautifully with the bready malt taste of this style. If you love hops and are looking for something to end the night with, then this is the beer for you.


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Be sure to follow us on Social Media to get to see our beer adventures live as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!

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