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Mostra Coffee Turns 2!

Mostra Coffee Turns 2!


On Saturday November 21st, 2015 Mostra Coffee celebrated it’s 2nd Anniversary! They threw one epic birthday bash with the help of The Cork & Craft and a few craft beer friends they have made along the way during the last two years! Many breweries not only brewed some special beers for the occasion but they actually sent out their brewers or someone else who worked at the brewery to be present at the celebration. If you’ve never had Mostra coffee then you have been missing out, but with all the work they have been doing with breweries over the past two years chances are you’ve come across their amazing coffee in the form of a delicious stout!

DSC_0161The celebration was held from 9am- 3pm and had a line out the door at around 10am! The place was packed full of people who not only loved craft beer but loved Mostra Coffee! When you walked in you were able to get in a line to grab some coffee and food or you could go over to the bar if you wanted to get straight into the special coffee beers. The food that was created special for the event by The Cork & Craft was out of this world. Mostra set up a few stations so people could enjoy any of their coffees cold or hot. Their Crème brûlée Latte was hands down one of the best coffee drinks we’ve ever had since landing on Earth! If you were lucky, you also got your hands on a special Cold Brew Release they created just for their second anniversary the “Barrel Aged Ohh, F*dge It’s Tuesday!” to take home with you. This cold brew was barrel aged in the barrels used to make the Black Tuesday beer by The Bruery. Mostra even hand waxed the top of the bottles to celebrate this awesome party.

Here is the lineup of awesome beers you got a chance to get your hands on during the party:

  • M2- Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Cocao Nibs, Lactose, Espresso, Coconut, & Vanilla by Abnormal Beer Company
  • Imagination Land by Mother Earth Brewing Company
  • Xocoveza (Batch 2) Mocha Stout by Stone
  • Locoveza Charred by Stone
  • Mostra Double Bock by Chuck Alek
  • Barrel Aged Imperial Porter with Costa Rica Coffee, Mexican Chocolate & Vanilla by St Archer
  • Unblended Coffee Silva Stout by Cellar 3
  • “Horchata” with Mostra Coffee by Belching Beaver
  • Safeword by Superstition Meadery
  • Master Blaster by J. Wakefield
  • CinnaMocha Black Tuesday Cask by The Bruery
  • Velvet Speedway by Alesmith
  • Pirate’s Breakfast by Council Brewing Co
  • Joltin’ Joe by Karl Strauss
  • JuxtaMostra by Twisted Manzanita

The top three beers of the party:

  1. DSC_0169M2 by Abnormal Beer Company. This beer was brewed especially for the event and it celebrated all the amazing flavors of Mostra Coffee. The espresso and coconut really came through and the beer was silky smooth for an imperial stout. It left us aliens wanting more and more.
  2. Joltin’ Joe by Karl Strauss. This is an awesome coffee beer! It features Mostra Coffee in a way that really allows Mostra to be the star! If you get a chance to get your hands on this in the future humans you should!
  3. JuxtaMostra by Twisted Manzanita. This was a different take on utilizing Mostra Cold Brew in a beer and it was extremely tasty. Light in color it still had an amazing coffee flavor shine through!

The aliens want to wish Mostra Coffee a happy birthday and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things they continue to bring not only to the world of coffee but to the world of craft beer!

To learn more about Mostra Coffee be sure to check out their website: http://www.mostracoffee.com/ or follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Photo Credit: Brewcrawler
Photo Credit: Brewcrawler

Special shout-out to the Brewcrawler for capturing a few pictures of the aliens who attended….we don’t usually let people capture our pictures but he did such a great job we had to share! You can check him out and more photos from this awesome event on his Facebook or Instagram!





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