Coronado Brewing and Bear Republic MerBear Rye IPA Review

Coronado Brewing and Bear Republic MerBear Rye IPA Review

Coronado Brewing and Bear Republic MerBear Rye IPA Review


IMG_6882MerBear Rye IPA – Collaboration by Coronado Brewing Co. and Bear Republic Brewing Co.

7.5% ABV

Northern California’s iconic Bear Republic Brewing Co. and Southern California’s Coronado Brewing Co. have teamed up to make an amazing brew that will satisfy your tastebuds no matter where you are! They’re calling it the the MerBear. Taking Coronado’s mermaid logo and turning it into a MerBear is just one of the highlights of this beer. Not only does it have a bit of humor, but we’re loving the thoughtful concoction they cooked up. It’s got the bitterness that Southern Californians crave, while still having a strong malt backbone that suits even the coldest climates up in NorCal. So from the sunny beaches of California where the mermaids are, to the highest peaks of the Sierras where the bears call home, we’ll be drinking this delicious brew. Call us crazy, but we’d love to see more MerBears. They brew up some tasty beer!

We got our hands on this beer a week before the official release, and boy are we glad we did! We’re making sure to stock up on this limited edition brew before it runs out. So if you’re wanting to try this So-Nor-Cal brew, you’ll have to get your hands on it fast. See our official announcement of this new release here for more information about the beer and their tap takeover dates!

Appearance: From the bottle, this beer pours a golden brown with a slight reddish hue. It has a very attractive cream-colored head, but don’t spend too long taking pictures or else it will disappear before you take the first sip! Still, a thin creamy layer remains on top with some larger bubbles sticking to the sides of the glass.

Aroma: The fruity, aromatic nose is balanced and sweet with a more subtle hop aroma than expected from an IPA. We got whiffs of caramel, toasted nuts, ripe raspberries, and a hint of spice. More sweet and malty than hoppy, we were very intrigued to find out if this was reflected in the taste as well.

Taste: It turns out this beer is malt-forward with flavors of caramel, nuts, and warming spices. It is only upon swallowing when the hop bitterness really starts to emerge and coats your pallet with a wonderful spicy, piney finish. We love how the layers of flavors build gradually, starting with a mild sweetness and ending with a bitter punch. The medley of Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc, Centennial, and Equinox hops compliments the malt profile and make for such a juicy and delicious brew.

Mouthfeel: It’s true, Southern Californians love their light-bodied dry IPA’s. But when the cold winter weather hits, or just to mix things up, we’ll be reaching for this IPA instead. It has a medium body because of it’s solid malt presence, so it’s perfect when you want something that’s just a tad creamier with an instant warming effect.

We wholeheartedly agree with Coronado that this beer is the best of both worlds. It’s a wonderfully balanced IPA with the addition of sweet and spicy malts that give it an extra special character. It’s lively and not too strong on the rye or the hops, so even if you’re not huge big fan of rye beers or hop-forward IPAs this might be a beer for you. It’s one of the best rye IPA’s we’ve had our hands on in a while, so you’ll be lucky to get your hands on this brew before they’re all gone!


For more information on Coronado Brewing Co. in San Diego, visit their Website or follow their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! #MermaidSighting

Likewise, to find out more about Northern California’s Bear Republic, visit their Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. #brbcbrew

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