Ballast Point Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum Review
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AVAILABILITY: Year Round | 750 Ml Bottles
ALC. BY VOL. 40%
PROOF: 80 Proof

When we decided to start a review section for Craft Spirits on, we had no idea if breweries would be interested in the idea. I know that there are a few of them here in San Diego that besides brewing beer, they also have a distillery producing spirits. Without a doubt, our first choice was Ballast Point. Not only their beers are world renowned but we have heard nothing but good things about their craft spirits. It only took one email to Hilary and Ballast Point was in. 

barrel1Ballast Point has believed in us Aliens since the very beginning and has never turned down a request by us. And for that, we are truly honored to have Ballast Point as our first Craft Spirits review. Thank you Hilary and Ballast Point for your generosity.

The Mega brewery provided us with their entire Rum catalog which also includes their Spiced and white Rums. Today we are taking sail with their Barrel Aged Rum.

In the beautifully shaped bottle the color is a deep copper, getting the colors from the American Oak Barrel. The rum is aged like bourbon for at least 2 years, perfect for serving neat and sip slowly. 

In the nose this rum is a beast. Toffee, caramel are very present. You can get the hint of the oak and if you close you eyes you get a hint of vanilla as well. The aroma is subtle and very pleasant. 

Once I got a sipped from the glass, my tongue started to tingle, literally. The burn last long enough to remain you know you are drinking a strong spirit. You can taste vanilla, oak and a hint of tobacco. Didn’t get the caramel I was expecting, maybe a faint butterscotch flavor but it was sweet enough to continue drinking. And that, I did.

Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum is smooth in your throat. only a spicy heat can be felt in the back of the mouth, this is for sure a forward flavor rum. One can only imagine the dedication that went to this recipe but it is safe to say that Ballast Point hit the nail on the head with this. Now, I am only looking forward to taste all of the Ballast Point spirits and that is a mission I can’t wait to accept.


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